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What's the Difference Between a Home Inspector and a Home Appraiser?

Updated: 01/31/2018
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Answer: A home inspector is one who looks for deficienies, a home inspector puts a value on the home.
Pinkerton Inspection Agency LLC
Answer: An appraisal offers a third party value of a property based on recent sales, land values and cost of construction in some cases. A home inspection, gives you a snap shot of what the home is like in this point in time. This way you have knowledge of the age and condition of the home and the mechanicals at the moment you purchased the home.
Premiere Plus Realty Co
Answer: A Home Inspector works on behalf of the buyer to inspect the property for issues. The home appraiser works for the bank loaning the funds, they are checking safety issues and approving the property for the loan type that's being requested.
Remax Platinum
Answer: Appraisers place a value on the property based on industry standards for an appraiser. An inspector identifies the condition of the home through a visual inspection and provides a report that includes the items inspected and whether there are deficiencies.
Michael Moffitt, Moffitt Property Inspections & Consulting
Answer: Appraiser estimate the value of a home. Inspectors do not.
Mountain View Inspection Services
Answer: Home inspector checks the improvements Condition, Function, and also checks for Code violations. Appraiser reflects the typical behavior of a typical buyer in a certain market, which is a function of Value.
Wall Street Appraisal
Answer: An inspector...is hired by the Buyers...to determine if there are any issues with the structure and anything included with the purchase of the house; i.e.appliances. He/She is not an expert and should not quote prices for repair or replacement but rather suggest a licensed trade person in a particular areal ie electrician, plumber, roofer, etc. to evaluate and make recommendations for issues that may be apparent in an inspection. An appraiser is hired by the Buyer's lender to determine the value of the property to insure that the lender is not "over extended" in lending more than the market says the property is worth.
EXP Realty LLC
Answer: An appraiser appraisses your home value,a home inspector inspects your home
Answer: The former determines integrity of the structure and the latter determines value of the entire property.
Fast Appraisals
Answer: An Appraiser is there only to set the market value for the home. A home inspector will look for major defects and safety issues related to the property.
Reality Property Inspections
Answer: A home inspection is primarily intended to protect the prospective buyer from purchasing a home with structural defects and other major problems. The home appraisal is meant to protect the lender from paying more than the house is worth.
Real Living Kee Realty
Answer: A home inspector finds defects that can affect the value of a home. A home appraiser determines the value of a home.
Safeguard Home Inspection, LLC
Answer: An appraiser gives an opinion on value, where an home inspector inspects the property for defaults.
Answer: The real estate appraiser’s visit could be better referred to as a “walk-through,” rather than an inspection. During this quick walk-through, the home appraiser is looking for obvious issues that may affect the value of the home. The walk-through also serves to verify information on file for the home (number of bedrooms, physical address, etc.). It’s important to note that the appraiser’s visit is only one part of the property valuation. The appraiser will also research the sales of comparable homes to compile a final report on the fair market value of the home, to be provided to the lender The home inspector’s inspection will be a much more detailed process, lasting two to three hours for a typical home. While some issues a home inspection might turn up could affect the value of a home, the main purpose of the inspection is to help the buyer assess risk. Some defects may be cosmetic, other problems could be more serious, requiring costly repairs to protect a homeowner’s investment.
Louisiana Direct Home Buyers, LLC
Answer: A home inspector is looking for defects or problems with the home. Any unhabitable, hazardous items that could cause danger to a home. A home appraiser is inspecting the home for the value and worth in comparison to homes in the neighborhood.
Hudson Real Estate
Answer: Home Inspectors inspect the home and all essential systems in the home. They inspect for proper functionality and safety. Home Appraisers provide you with a value on what the property is worth.
Moran Property Inspections
Answer: Home appraisers deal with accessing value and home inspectors find deficiencies.
Spotlight Home Inspection L.L.C.
Answer: Home inspection (function & Safety) Home appraiser (Home Value)
Professional Home Inspections
Answer: Both are opinions one is on condition of the other is on value in the market of neighborhood.
North State Inspections
Answer: A Home Inspector evaluates the quality of the construction and viability of the home. An appraiser determines the value of the home.
Kairos Home Inspections
Answer: Home inspectors evaluate the condition of the home Appraisers evaluate the market value of the home.
Certified Inspectors, LLC
Answer: Home inspectors will inspect the working functions of a property. Home appraisers will assess the market value of a property, according to their methods.
Ron Rodgers- Ryan Real Estate
Answer: A home inspector views the properties interior and exterior and takes note of any damage that is present, their primary focus is the condition of the components in the property. A home appraiser views the properties interior and exterior and compares it to 3 sales, and 3 listings that are in similar condition, location and features to the subject and provides a report that indicates the market value for the subject.
Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Lifestyles
Answer: A home inspector deals with the structure itself, and the soundness of the dwelling. An appraiser deals with the value of the bundle of right, called real estate, which includes the dwelling and the site the dwelling sits on.
Home Town Appraisals
Answer: A home appraiser is attaching a $ value to a home. A home inspector is just looking for deficiencies.
Buckeye Inspection Services
Answer: A home appraiser determine the value of the home for tax purposes where as a home inspector is determining the safety and function of the home
Able Home Inspections
Answer: an inspector find's problems with home and appraiser gives value of home
Huskey Home Inspection, LLC
Answer: A home inspector inspects the home for possible problems and a home appraiser appraises the value of the home.
BurCan Dynamics LLC
Answer: Home inspector finds problems with the house and makes sure it is structurally sound and an appraiser determines the value of the house
Reliance Real Estate Group
Answer: Cost of the house, functions and safety of the house
Allied Services Home Inspection
Answer: A home inspector examines a home to detect defects. An appraiser examines the home and compares to others of similar size, etc. to determine the appraised value of it.
Contractors Corp.
Answer: Home Inspection = examines the mechanical aspects of all mechanical equipment and structure of the home. Real estate Appraiser inspect the home to determine market value.
Answer: One inspects for material defects and one determines dollar value of the home
Ray Inspection Services Corp
Answer: Inspector checks for defects and safety. Appraisers put a monetary value on the house.
TKO Home Inspections, LLC
Answer: Inspector evaluates the homes systems and their operation with no monetary value place on the inspection. An appraiser determines the homes value based on other homes in the area that have recently sold
Anthony Quarato home inspections
Answer: A home inspector is going to look at the operational components of the home and the overall condition of the systems incorporated with the home. A home appraiser uses recent sales and trends in a neighborhood to determine the worth of the home.
Look First Homes, LLC
Answer: The home inspection looks for roof, electrical, plumbing, wind mitigation, this are things related to the cost of insurance and items to look for when buying a home, an appraisal observes any violation of added sq.ft.condition of the property, interior and exterior,researches property data, searches for available comparable sales and arrives at an opinion of value for the purpose of the appraisal order.
A Q Appraisals
Answer: A home inspector determines the condition of the home. The appraiser determines the value of the home.
Best Choice Inspections
Answer: An appraiser appraises comparable valve. A home inspection appraises the condition of the home
KJ Wood Home Inspections
Answer: A home inspector checks the house for defects and if its up to code, The home appraiser estimates the value of the home.
Coldwell Banker residential Brokerage
Answer: A home inspector inspects the house for proper operating condition and proper building constrution. A home appraiser determines the value of a house depending on many variables - square footage, condition, location, upgrades, etc.
Texas Mold Consultants
Answer: A home inspector is hired to inspect the home for any issues or repairs that need to be corrected. A home appraiser determines the value of the home for financing.
BeBe's Beauty (Jeunesse Global)
Answer: One makes sure it all works like it is supposed to, the other determines the value.
RE/MAX Realty Group
Answer: one looks at construction and shape the house is in, the other it's value
Your Husband & Wife Real Estate Team with Charles Rutenberg Realty
Answer: Home appraiser does market value, home inspector inspects the house.
The Inspection Boys
Answer: A home inspector is optional when buyer or selling a home. A inspector looks for issue with home and give the homeowner a report with items of concern with the home. Let me add an inspector is not a Contractor. A inspector may see a concern ask that it looked at in more detail by a GC who can verify if there is really an issue. A HOME APPRAISER, his hired by the bank, and works for the bank to verify that the home is really worth what the contract says. Based on the appraisers opinion, a home value is set. Keep in mind, that an a Appraisal is just an opinion on which the bank relies . Appraisal can be different, not all appraiser value home the same and may use diffent comparable to determine the home
Myra Strickland Real Estate at KW
Answer: An inspector is highly trained in most all aspects of the condition of the home (roof, furnace, electrical etc). They inspect the home to document items that may be of concern to a home buyer. An appraiser is there to discover what the value of the home is.
RE/MAX Results
Answer: An appraiser is usually hired by a lender to determine if the home is worth the contract price; the inspector is hired by the buyer to determine if the underlying condition of the home is acceptable to the buyer's standards.
Rodeo Realty
Answer: A General Home Inspection FOR A BUYER OR A SELLER is a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of a residential property which is designed to identify problems (defects) within specific systems and components defined by the InterNACHI Standards of Practice that are both observed by the inspector and deemed notable (material) because they may affect the value the property. An an appraiser determines the specific value of a home. A home inspection is NOT an appraisal and does NOT determine the value of a home. ( Though your inspector will be looking for problems that may have a significant, adverse impact on the value of the property, or that poses an unreasonable risk to people, the items mentioned in the home inspection report may or may not affect the value of a home. There are many variables that affect the value of a home that are not related to the home inspection. )
Home Inspection Solutions
Answer: A home appraiser is interested in valuation issues. The economics of value. A home inspector is specifically concerned with building components and their condition and utility.
Todd G. LiPira, SCGREA
Answer: An appraiser estimates the value of a home (with respect to the market value of other homes in the neighborhood) whereas a home inspector evaluates the physical condition of a single home.
J. Michael Simon, LLC
Answer: EVERYTHING! An Inspector is hired to tell a consumer/buyer the condition of the home you are purchasing. An Appraiser is hired by the Lender to make sure it is a mechanically & structurally FUNCTIONAL home and report the market value of the home.
Reece Nichols-Mary Wilcox
Answer: Home inspector check the home for defects, home appraisers determine the value of the house
Everest Home Inspectors
Answer: A home inspector should have construction, maintenance and housing experience. A home inspector performs a thorough evaluation the condition of all visible areas and components in the home and on the property in order to provide the buyer with state of repair and cost information needed in order to make an educated investment decision. Also, a home inspector does not consider market value. By contrast, an appraiser, while considering the general condition of the property, establishes the market value of the property.
Nicholas Home Inspection & Maintenance, Inc.
Answer: Home Inspector will report on condition while an Appraiser will determine market value
A Better Choice Home Inspection, Co
Answer: Home inspectors are exactly what it sounds like we inspect dwellings for deficiencies. An Home appraiser quotes the value of a home.
Your Home Property Consultants
Answer: Appraiser inspection is a required by lender in order to approve a loan and if any repairs are required must be completed and a reinspection performed. A home inspection is to serve as a peace of mind for the buyer that the home is in good condition and if any repaires are required it is negotiated in good terms between the buyer and seller.
Re/Max Elite Realty
Answer: A Home Inspector Observes the homes general condition, An Home Appraiser assess the approximate value of the home.
Doyle Wayne General Services
Answer: Inspector verifies the home is function and out of hazardous situations. An Appraisal just evaluates the potential value price of home against local comps
CSSCPSG-Student-Judge:Vicente-B: Galindo.
Answer: One reports detailed on condition and the other values the home.
Accurate Appraisals USA
Answer: A home inspector inspects the subject property's mechanical systems to determine if they are in good and working condition. An appraiser's does a complete visual inspection of the subject property and surrounding neighborhood for the purpose of estimating fair market value. which includes measuring the exterior walls of the subject property and confirming that all mechanical systems are in place and functioning properly and taking into account any other amenities that would have an effect on the market value.
buelow appraisal service
Answer: One person inspects the house for defects and the other, the appraiser places a value on the property
Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Home Services Realty
Answer: The appraiser formulates an opinion of the property's value for the lender, while the inspector educates the buyer about the condition of the home and its major components.
Eagles Eye Home Inspection,LLC
Answer: Home Inspector checks the "vitals" of the home- roof, electric, termites, plumbing, etc. Home Appraiser develops an "opinion" of value of the home in today's market usually for a banking institution
Prudential Florida Realty
Answer: The inspector looks for latent damage and things that are not working and appraisers take in account everything you can visually see like location and your neighbors and wet her or not you have a pool....
Coldwell Banker
Answer: An appraiser is hired by a bank to value the home. An inspector evaluates the homes condition.
Coldwell Banker Reliable Real Estate
Answer: Inspector inspects property for a variety of working and non working or damages, an appraiser determines the value of the property
Answer: inspectors don't do the math and loan cost as appraisers do
Thomas Property Services
Answer: Home inspector = Property condition Home Appraiser = Home value
Coldwell Banker Realty
Answer: Inspectors give an unbiased assessment of the home. An appraiser gives a monetary value of the home.
Spire Home Inspection
Answer: an apraser put values to a home and inspectort checks to see if the componants are safe and meet standards
Answer: Home Inspector is Checking all operatoring components of a home from the ground, including the footing to the roof of the home, A Home Appraiser is evaluating the present state of the home such as cosmetics of a home, surrounding area of the home etc.
OnSite Home Inspection, LLC
Answer: Home inspector does a visual evaluation of the condition of the home and its components. A Home Appraiser does a evaluation of the value of the home
Superior Home Inspection Services LLC
Answer: A home inspector inspects the structure and systems for proper function. The home appraiser helps protect the lender from paying more than the house is worth.
Corley Home Inspections, LLC
Answer: one appraises values other inspects for problems
G M M Property Inspections
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